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5 Ways to Spread Kindess

We need a lot more kindness in the world, so here are a few ways to get you started.

  1. Give a random compliment⁠— The smile on a stranger's face when you give a random compliment will warm your heart. Make someone's day with a few words. 
  2. Say "Hello"⁠— This one word can boost someone's spirit. Instead of just staring at people, acknowledge them. Value one another as people. Who knows, you might just make a new friend.
  3. Give someone a donut⁠— Hands down the best $1.50 you could ever spend. Buying something small like that will show the person that you were thinking about them. People always want to feel important, and this is a great way to show appreciation. 
  4. Hold the door⁠— Not only is this common courtesy, but this small can can help someone out tremendously. If a person was having a bad day, doing this small thing can be the one good thing they experience that day.
  5. Be kind to yourself⁠— It all starts within. Practice kindness with yourself, and you will be much better at showing kindness to others. Your energy radiates outward. 

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The little things are what matter the most! Great ways to spread positive vibes


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